…..creates the ear-worm.

Do you know those sayings ‘such-and-such is as such-and-such does’ and ‘such-and-such as the day is long’?  They are examples of sayings which are meaningless and yet manage to say so much nonetheless.

They are also phrases that are used as a basis for a wonderfully quirky little song called Lovely as the Day Is Long from an album called Redbird.  This song has been accompanying me as a so-called ear-worm for the past few days.  But I found it to be really rather friendly.  Not one of those dire and annoying ear-worms that one can get some times (Kum Ba Yah, anyone?! :)).

Anyway, the music has been written by a trio of artists – Jeffery Foucault, Kris Delmhorst and Peter Mulvey – who spent a lot of time touring together and decided to put together a few tracks while on the road.  They wrote the whole album in three days.  I was so interested to read about the background to the making of this work because one of the things I was planning to write about in the post as I listened to the album was how intimate the music seemed – you feel like you are sitting right next to the musicians, perhaps with some kind of percussion instrument in your hand waiting to join in.  And then I read in the Wiki entry for the album that ‘it was recorded on a DAT recorder with one stereo microphone in a living room’.  I don’t mean at all that it is poor quality – far from it.  But there is a wonderful sense of directness and clarity, with nothing spoilt by any editing or ‘over-producing’.

Here’s another track from the album so that you can see what I mean – ships is more representative of most of the music they have produced.  Folky, edgy, beautiful and overall a little gem.

23 thoughts on “The early Redbird….

  1. Reminds me of that brilliant Madness lyric: “I’m as honest as the day is long – the longer the daylight, the less I do wrong.”

  2. Lovely as the day is long would make a pleasant ear worm, indeed. And ‘Ships’ is what I should have attached to my last post; how clever of you to find the perfect song for me 🙂

      1. It’s a little while since I was last there, but I have been to some magnificent exhibitions over the years. Particular favourites were ones on the Art Deco and Art Nouveau period – stunning.

      2. They would be. For those of us so far afield, we are blessed that we can access so much through their website. Now this is completely out of field, but I meant to tell you that I have discovered that my great grandfather was born in Duke Street, Clackmannan.

      3. Wow, that’s just round the corner from us, so to speak! It looks like a lovely place on the website. We’ll have to make a visit over there some time and take some photos for you.

      4. Oh really! How amazing. I am still trying to fathom some of the information. It is very hard to read on the documents via the web. For example the place of his wedding is given but I really can hardly read it. My great grandmother seems to have been born in Kincardine but I haven’t found her on a census list yet.

      5. It is about an hour and a half from Edinburgh, so definitely on our doorstep, compared with you! I can see from the map that Kincardine is close by too.

      6. Well, I will search out some more definitive information if I can. What would be really nice would be to find evidence of a place of residence that still exists. My current records say that they left for New Zealand from London on 21st June 1875 with a nine month old baby. They were over 4 months at sea. What a journey!

      7. I have sent you an e-mail to what I think is your g-mail account so that we can to and fro further about this to our hearts’ content. Let me know if it does not arrive…

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