Welcome to this blog where I have fun sharing music I find inspiring, interesting and, above all else, enjoyable.

Leaping Tracks original started when I realised one day that I had nearly 5,500 tracks on my iPhone and was quite happy to download even more stuff.  But I did not listen to any of it.  Not the old favourites.  Not the recent purchases.  Nothing.  How ridiculous, I thought.  Time to for some action.

I decided to ban myself from buying any more music until I had listened to every single thing on my iPhone, from A-Z by artist. What resulted was a marvellous romp through my music library, where I was able to discover all sorts of forgotten and new-to-me treasures.

But I got stuck in the ‘Ts’. I have reflected on why this happened in this post. So although a lack of progress to the end of the alphabet feels a bit like unfinished business, it is also important to recognise the reality of life.

These days I write about whatever piques my interest, whether that be music from my own library, or (more likely) performances I catch on the radio, in shops and restaurants, wherever music happens to be playing.

Thank you very much for visiting this blog – I really appreciate it.  Have a look around and do be sure to leave me a comment on anything that occurs to you – I love hearing from everyone! 🙂


8 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello, thank you so very much for this nomination, which I am truly honoured to receive. It is very touching to know how much you are enjoying the blog. With warmest wishes LT

  1. If you check this link
    I hope you will see that I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. It has taken me ages to work out how to respond to my award nominations so feel free to accept or ignore this nomination. I do enjoy your blog, and awards seem to be a good way of saying Great job, You make a difference to the joy quotient in the world.

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