Greetings, fellow music lovers!

Welcome to this blog where I have fun sharing music I find inspiring, interesting and, above all else, enjoyable.

LeapingTracks original started when I realised one day that I had nearly 5,500 tracks on my iPhone and was quite happy to download even more stuff.  But I did not listen to any of it.  Not the old favourites.  Not the recent purchases.  Nothing.  How ridiculous, I thought.  Time to for some action.

I decided to ban myself from buying any more music until I had listened to every single thing on my iPhone, from A-Z by artist. What resulted was a marvellous romp through my music library, where I was able to discover all sorts of forgotten and new-to-me treasures.

But I got stuck in the ‘Ts’. I have reflected on why this happened in this post. So although a lack of progress to the end of the alphabet feels a bit like unfinished business, it is also important to recognise the reality of life.

These days I write about whatever piques my interest, whether that be music from my own library, or (more likely) performances I catch on the radio, in shops and restaurants, wherever music happens to be playing.

Thank you very much for visiting this blog – I really appreciate it.  Have a look around and do be sure to leave me a comment on anything that occurs to you – I love hearing from everyone! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Home

    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks so much for your comment – I’ll see what I can do! And I’ll be really interested to read your views as we go along – there’s plenty to explore.

    1. Hi Letizia, thank you so very much for this nomination. I am so touched and honoured. And I can’t tell you how lovely it was to read that you look forward to reading my blog, as I do yours. Thank you again. LT

    1. Thank you so much for this and for your generous words. Many congratulations on your other nominations too, which are very well deserved. I’m definitely trying that recipe for fried potatoes by the way!

  1. Hi

    I just found your great blog. I have one too which is similar to yours in the sense that I set it up to give me an excuse to listen to all the stuff I’ve downloaded recently but haven’t really listened to.

  2. Hi

    Followed you here from Clanmother’s blog and was interested to read your comments on “The Tipping Point”. Now I find that you are a music buff. Have to say that the whole business of downloading makes my heart sink so I do it rarely enough to have forgotten how I did it the last time.

    I must be doing it wrong!!

    I also see we are near neighbours which is quite a change on wordpress. Greetings to you in the beautiful city of Edinburgh from the beautiful city of Cardiff. A bit damp and dismal at the moment, but methinks spring is on its way.

    Corinne at soulsnet

    1. Hi Corinne, it’s great that you made your way here thank you. It’s always great to make new friends – near or far as you say! Don’t despair about the dowload thing – you can find music anywhere these days, even if you just listen to BBC radio. Meanwhile, I like your optimistic style about spring – I can just imagine all those beautiful daffodils waiting to burst forth around your lovely city – we have them too, but they take a bit longer to wake up here!

    1. Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed re-connecting with my existing music, rather than just downloading endless new stuff. I must confess that my rate of blogging has slowed in recent months for various reasons, but your comments have spurred me on to get going again! Love your site also, and am looking forward to some interesting book discussions.

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