My Wish List

This is a list of music I intend to buy when I have finished my LeapingTracks project. I am compiling it as I go along, and it is inspired by music I am listening to along the way. I will also be very happy to receive your suggestions about things I should add to the list too.

  • Echo Beach – Martha and the Muffins (1980) (single) – See ‘I’m Hooked
  • Tree Bursts in Snow – Admiral Fallow (2012) (album) – See ‘Look What I’ve Been Missing
  • More work by The Boxer Rebellion – See ‘Raw
  • All Beethoven Piano Sonatas – see ‘Do You Know the Piano’s On My Foot‘, plus Bercuse by Chopin as recommended by a commentator in response to this post
  • The Wolves – Ben Howard (2012) – as featured by Keelan Foley
  • Music by the Finn Brothers – as recommended by a commentator in response to my Mind Games post
  • Dvorak – Violin Concerto in A Minor and Cello Concerto in B Minor – see ‘Life in Minature
  • Cast of Thousands – Elbow (2006), and specifically the track Fugitive Motel – as recommended by my lovely and erudite cousin in response to Play It Again
  • Paul Simon’s album So Beautiful Or So What (2011) and some of the Scottish music reviewed by musicalduffer. There’s probably lots of other things too from this blog, but these things will do for starters.
  • I need to educate myself more about the work of Leonard Cohen. He is clearly an amazing poet – ‘Canada’s Poet Laureat’ as Clanmother put it in response to a one of my posts. And his presence seems to be behind the music of so many of the artists I have come across.
  • Teenage Kicks by The Undertones – see Viewing Platforms III*
  • I need to check out music by The Civil Wars because there are musical links with the Redbird album I like so much
  • Antonín Dvořák’s Bagatelles Op 47 – see No Mere Bagatelles

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