A day out at the beach

In my last post, I said that one of the things I would do on a migraine-free day would be to take a lovely long walk along a beach. I am pleased to report that Mr Tracks and I took ourselves off today to North Berwick – a lovely part of the coast to the […]

Nature’s music

Mr Tracks and I are currently on holiday in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park. This is the UK’s largest National Park – over 1000m+ of arctic mountain landscape and largely untouched woodland, fragments of which are parts of the ancient Caledonian pine forests. As you can imagine, there are a wealth of birds and animals, both […]

Sight, sense and sound of The Seat

Last night, Mr Tracks and I took part in a most wonderous event. NVA, a Glasgow-based public arts charity, has created an inspirational piece of interactive art as part of the 2012 Edinburgh International Festival. Using Edinburgh’s glorious landmark, Arthur’s Seat as one of the key players, this event involved us, the audience, as both […]

Music doing exactly what it says on the tin

Those of you lovely readers who recall my last post will, I hope, be relieved to see that I remain at large to write this one. Not being put in the Tower by the Dire Straits heavies also meant that I happily could attend a long-awaited concert with Mr Tracks yesterday evening. The BBC Scottish […]