Ethereal beauty: the harp in its many forms

Mr Tracks and I often have BBC Radio 3 playing in the background when we eat breakfast. It is a wonderful way to start the day, especially as, every now and then, a piece of music comes along which brings added joy to this serene picture. One such example heard recently is an arrangement for […]

Think you know ukulele music? Think again….

If you think of ukulele music, who comes to mind? Yes, of course, the inimitable George Formby. It seems like such a cliché. Yet how many other musicians are associated with this instrument? Well, let me introduce you to the wonderful Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Here they are performing a wonderful and hilarious version […]

With The Boss, You Can Always Tell!

There’s nothing quite like a great classic to put a smile on your face. And there is certainly nothing like watching great performers doing what they do best. Add the two together?  Magic. Here’s a fantastic example.  It is a couple of years old, so you may have seen it.  But it came up on […]

Ah, those Moscow Nights!

I recently heard Stephen Hough playing his own arrangement of composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi’s song Moscow Nights on the radio.  He had used it as an encore piece in this year’s BBC Proms. Here is a version of it – just listen to those gorgeous chords and sweeping lines: Of course, he is not the only […]

Rhapsodic Piano Playing

I last wrote about the rock band Queen over three years ago, back in the heady days when I was in the ‘Q’ part of my musically alphabetical journey through the tracks on my iPhone. I am a bit stuck in the ‘T’s at the moment, and have various ideas about how to get unstuck.  But […]

Variations on a theme

Continuing with what has accidentally become a bit of a theme across recent posts, here is yet more evidence of the brilliance of musicians in their reinterpretations of beloved works. British readers will be very familiar with the radio programme The Archers – the world’s longest running radio ‘soap opera’ production.  Equally well know is […]

That Friday Feeling!

Need a little pick-me-up?  Fancy celebrating the end of the week?  I have just the thing for you.   This is a great toe-tapping pop song by Fleur East – Sax.  Fabulous catchy track, brilliant dance moves, awesome costumes, jewellery and nails – what’s not to like! Enjoy the weekend, folks 🙂