Ah, those Moscow Nights!

I recently heard Stephen Hough playing his own arrangement of composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi’s song Moscow Nights on the radio.  He had used it as an encore piece in this year’s BBC Proms. Here is a version of it – just listen to those gorgeous chords and sweeping lines: Of course, he is not the only […]

Jazzy Bach

I wrote last year about classical music that had undergone something of a transformation in various ways.  In that post, I referenced Jacques Loussier’s arrangement of J S Bach’s Air on a G String. I was reminded of this recently when I heard a jazzed-up version of some more of Bach’s work.  The piece played on […]

This one’s for you, SiD!

Many of you will know that the legendary Blues artist, BB King died today at the grand old age of  89. I can’t sum up what he meant to people and the music any better than by posting this message by Eric Clapton. BB King a dear friend and inspiration to me…. Posted by Eric […]

Maracas, bongos and smooth Cuban beats…

…now can there ever be too much of these in one’s life? Just typing the words ‘maracas’ and ‘bongos’ makes me feel happy. And when I listen to the music of Rubén González and his band, it’s not just a question of happiness. More like eating salted caramel chocolate. Or sitting in a warm cosy […]

“If the Professor was right….

….it was only the beginning of the adventures in Narnia”.* I started this blog last June and plunged headlong into the joys of being immersed in blogging life – both writing my own posts, and commenting on those of my friends.  With verve and gusto, I wrote and commented, wrote and commented for months and […]

“I’m gone, man. Solid gone.”*

*Baloo in Disney’s The Jungle Book (1967). As a jazz novice, Oscar Peterson’s album, How High The Moon, is ‘proper’ jazz to me.  There are discernable tunes; there is a structure to the music, with a sense that one will be able to get on with one’s life one day (not all jazz music gives one this feeling […]

Wabi Sabi

Here’s an experiement in the form of a poem: Deception – Boplicity, Israel! Chance it, Dear Old Stockholm, Woody ‘n’ You.   How deep is the ocean? Ray’s idea, Kelo, Well you needn’t love for sale – Somethin’ else.   What do you think?  Am I a candidate for the next T S Eliot prize? Before […]