Spoonin’ with me sister

A few posts back I wrote about the fact that I am a chronic migraine sufferer and, in aid of invisible illness week, I contributed my answers to a standard set of questions being circulated at the time. I received today a link to this YouTube video.  It is a short talk given by Christine […]

Eau de Fringe – the Grande Finale

Oh my word, my goodness, my gracious me.  What an amazing summer we have had here in Edinburgh. You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, Mr Tracks and I were in the midst of our magnificent Fringe and Festival extravaganza.  Since that post, we saw many more performances by talented, funny and creative […]

For better or for worse

This post is dedicated to my darling Mr Tracks. This is because it is time to talk about the music of Enya. I have two of her albums – Enya (The Celts) and Shepherd Moons. She is an Irish singer, instrumentalis and songwriter who produces evocative, synthesised folk-like music which, in my view, is very […]

Thank you

I have written before about the many enjoyable and uplifting aspect of writing this blog.  One of the best has been the blogging friends I have started to make as people read my blog, and I read theirs. A little while ago, one such new friend (as I hope she won’t mind me calling her), […]

Sight, sense and sound of The Seat

Last night, Mr Tracks and I took part in a most wonderous event. NVA, a Glasgow-based public arts charity, has created an inspirational piece of interactive art as part of the 2012 Edinburgh International Festival. Using Edinburgh’s glorious landmark, Arthur’s Seat as one of the key players, this event involved us, the audience, as both […]

Eau de Fringe II

Some of you will know that Mr Tracks and I are well into our 2012 Edinburgh Fringe-Fest.  See this post and this one for the back story if you need to catch up. In the last week or so, I have seen: The Macbeth Project – A witty and creative musical performed by a group […]

Music doing exactly what it says on the tin

Those of you lovely readers who recall my last post will, I hope, be relieved to see that I remain at large to write this one. Not being put in the Tower by the Dire Straits heavies also meant that I happily could attend a long-awaited concert with Mr Tracks yesterday evening. The BBC Scottish […]