Going, going……..

……almost gone!! It’s incredible to think that we are already nearing the end of Edinburgh’s International Festival  and its famous Fringe Festival – just over one more week to go. On 7 August, Mr Tracks and I joined around 10,000 other festival-goers in Edinburgh’s aptly named Festival Square to witness a unique opening to this […]

A day out at the beach

In my last post, I said that one of the things I would do on a migraine-free day would be to take a lovely long walk along a beach. I am pleased to report that Mr Tracks and I took ourselves off today to North Berwick – a lovely part of the coast to the […]

In Pop Land it is always sunny!

After a lovely long run of heat and sunshine here in Edinburgh, we found ourselves yesterday underneath the city’s infamous haar (fog). You can see many photos here of how this beautiful city normally looks, and it puts on a particularly glorious show in sunlight.  Have a look here also at some of the fabulous sunsets […]

A climate change well worth having

Mr Tracks and I recently had a lovely jaunt to Edinburgh’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.  We usually spend our time walking round the grounds, but on this occasion, we had two main missions: to catch up with what was going on in the glasshouses; and to visit a special orchid fair. I love the stunning, […]

Music and movement

When I was in what we called the ‘infants school’ (aged around 6 I think), we used to have a class called ‘music and movement’.  Looking back, this may have been a way of using up time on wet days when we could not go outside.  But nevertheless, it was an early introduction to the concept […]

The circle of life

Pheasants. They are lovingly fed, looked after, released, shot, cooked and eaten.  Marvellous! Not exactly the topic of conversation one might expect at a baby shower, but there it was, plain as day – the miracle of life, we all agreed at my very first today. There are all sorts of manifestations of today’s ‘global village’.  […]

Porridge – the stuff of life

Mr Tracks and I often have porridge for our breakfast.  Not so unusual, I’m sure you are thinking.  No indeed.  That is my point. When I am making the porridge, I love the hypnotic stirring process.  I always select the same wooden spoon with which to stir (we do not have an official ‘spurtle’), and I allow […]