There are no facts, only interpretations*

I recently took a train from Newcastle in England to Edinburgh in Scotland – a journey lasting about 90 minutes and one which I do regularly.  But this particular trip was marked out by the drama in the carriage in which I had, by happenstance, ended up. It was the ‘Quiet Coach’.  Is this a […]

Life in all its glory

In a week that has been very important to Americans, resulting in the re-election of President Obama, I have been immersed in another aspect of American life – the music of Johnny Cash. I outlined in my previous post the parameters, and therefore the limitations of the 144 tracks which I have on my iPhone. […]

“I hear the train a’comin…”*

It’s time for me to embrace the work of the great Johnny Cash. I say ‘great’, because I suspect he probably is.  But I don’t really know yet.  I am about to find out.  I have 144 tracks to help me, courtesy of Mr Tracks, who is a big fan. Even so, these songs will […]

That all important Twang

Well, would you believe it, pop pickers, we’ve reached F already in my iTunes list. Bowling along nicely, I’d say. And first for a f-f-flick over with the feather duster are the two albums I have by the glamorous country singer Faith Hill – Breathe (1999) and Faith (1998). So, what exactly is country music […]

You like potato, I like…

How is it best to rate music?  We can say whether we like or dislike something.  But does that make it good or bad?  I don’t think so.  If I don’t really like something, it does not necessarily make it ‘bad’, particularly as there will be someone else for whom that piece of music will […]