Ethereal beauty: the harp in its many forms

Mr Tracks and I often have BBC Radio 3 playing in the background when we eat breakfast. It is a wonderful way to start the day, especially as, every now and then, a piece of music comes along which brings added joy to this serene picture. One such example heard recently is an arrangement for […]

On this day: celebrating musicians born on 5 January

I heard on the radio this morning that today, 5 January, marks the birth date of several esteemed pianists. I love it when life throws up this kind of happenstance. Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (5 January 1920 – 12 June 1995) was an Italian classical pianist. According to Wikipedia, he is considered one of the greatest […]

A Merry Classical Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year for music. It’s so enjoyable to catch up on the sheer variety and breadth of favourite seasonal tracks, as well as discovering new ones. Here are three aural Christmas decorations to add even more sparkle to your festivities. I was interested to read the BBC’s list of ‘compelling […]

Picturing Music

One of the joys and challenges of this blog is to find ways to convey in words what a piece of music is like.  I usually try to paint ‘word-pictures’ and hope that this is successful in at least some small way. How delighted I was to stumble across this post by Creative Review, which highlights an […]

Jazzy Bach

I wrote last year about classical music that had undergone something of a transformation in various ways.  In that post, I referenced Jacques Loussier’s arrangement of J S Bach’s Air on a G String. I was reminded of this recently when I heard a jazzed-up version of some more of Bach’s work.  The piece played on […]

Boléro (again…!)

One further foray into the world of re-interpretations today. You may recall my recent post about Maurice Ravel’s Boléro.  Here is the magificent Pink Martini with their rendition. It is great to see and hear it again.  Hub and I first had experience of this wonderful piece at our first Pink Martini concert in London […]

Musical Shakespeare

“For your sweet music this last night, I do Protest my ears were never better fed With such delightful pleasing harmony.” William Shakespeare ~ Pericles: 2.5.26   You would have to have been on another planet not to notice recently that it was the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare on 23 April. […]