A Merry Classical Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year for music. It’s so enjoyable to catch up on the sheer variety and breadth of favourite seasonal tracks, as well as discovering new ones. Here are three aural Christmas decorations to add even more sparkle to your festivities. I was interested to read the BBC’s list of ‘compelling […]

Ah, those Moscow Nights!

I recently heard Stephen Hough playing his own arrangement of composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi’s song Moscow Nights on the radio.  He had used it as an encore piece in this year’s BBC Proms. Here is a version of it – just listen to those gorgeous chords and sweeping lines: Of course, he is not the only […]

Something old, something new, mark II

Way back in September 2012, when I was still gaily gallivanting around in the gorgeous G’s of my collection, I wrote about finding ‘something old, something new‘ in relation to Gershwin’s work. The same sentiment occurred to me while listening to a concert I went to a couple of days ago with a dear friend […]

An unusual dawn chorus

Readers of my last post will, I hope, have been waiting for this one with baited breath – who is it that I was so looking forward to covering? Well let me put you out of your misery, my dear friends and tell you that it is the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams. Now telll me […]

A cloud with a golden lining

Can you imagine that moment when you have been climbing a steep hill, head down, putting your back into all the effort of getting to the top.  Then suddenly, you reach the summit.  You stand up, chest heaving.  You look around you.  And with an enormous thump you are assaulted by the beauty of the […]