LeapingTracks meets LeapingLife!

Hello my lovelies!  Happy New Year one and all. I’ve decided to ‘boost my productivity’ this year – to use ghastly management speak!! Actually, what I mean to say is that I am determined to spend more time on those things that are the most important and enjoyable in my life.  One of which is […]

Back to basics

I’ve been rather poorly over the last few months. I say this not for sympathy, but by way of explanation for my bloggy silence.  Not only have I not been in a position to get my head around doing any writing; I have not even been listening to any music to write about.  I find […]

A day out at the beach

In my last post, I said that one of the things I would do on a migraine-free day would be to take a lovely long walk along a beach. I am pleased to report that Mr Tracks and I took ourselves off today to North Berwick – a lovely part of the coast to the […]

Welcome to Scotland, World!

As I sit here watching the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, taking place here in Scotland, I love the idea of athletes from all around the world coming together to join in a common friendly purpose. It reminds me of our blogging life together. I rejoice in my friendships with you in all your […]

In Pop Land it is always sunny!

After a lovely long run of heat and sunshine here in Edinburgh, we found ourselves yesterday underneath the city’s infamous haar (fog). You can see many photos here of how this beautiful city normally looks, and it puts on a particularly glorious show in sunlight.  Have a look here also at some of the fabulous sunsets […]

A climate change well worth having

Mr Tracks and I recently had a lovely jaunt to Edinburgh’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.  We usually spend our time walking round the grounds, but on this occasion, we had two main missions: to catch up with what was going on in the glasshouses; and to visit a special orchid fair. I love the stunning, […]