Ethereal beauty: the harp in its many forms

Mr Tracks and I often have BBC Radio 3 playing in the background when we eat breakfast. It is a wonderful way to start the day, especially as, every now and then, a piece of music comes along which brings added joy to this serene picture. One such example heard recently is an arrangement for […]

Little Swans, Huge Respect

An important part of the charm conveyed during a beautiful ballet is the apparent effortlessness of the dancers. Elegance, calm and control are key to achieving that wonderful sense of fantasy and story-telling. Here’s a brilliant behind the scenes look, filmed at the Interactive Academy of Performing Arts, showing just how much work, skill, stamina […]

From the sublime to the ‘pig-diculous’….

It’s been a dreich day here in Edinburgh today. Typically January-ish. How pleased I was, then, to spot this fabulous film of the majestic Rudolf Nureyev appearing on The Muppet Show, dancing a pas de deux from the ballet ‘Swine Lake’. I adore the way in which he manages to, ahem, ham up the pretend […]

Let it snow, let it snow…

I have written before on this blog about the New Year’s Eve tradition Mr Tracks and I used to have when we lived in London: we would go to the ballet at the Royal Opera House, and then see in the New Year over a delicious meal. I have very fond memories of the glittering […]

A Merry Classical Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year for music. It’s so enjoyable to catch up on the sheer variety and breadth of favourite seasonal tracks, as well as discovering new ones. Here are three aural Christmas decorations to add even more sparkle to your festivities. I was interested to read the BBC’s list of ‘compelling […]

Merry Christmas and warmest wishes for 2014!

If you can’t make an effort to do something at Christmas, then when can you?  It’s been pressing on my mind for some time now that I have been sadly neglecting my lovely LeapingTracks blog.  So in keeping with the season, I wanted to make amends for that, and – of course! – mention some […]

Is that Midnight chiming?

I have written before about my love of the ballet.  One of the annual traditions which Mr Tracks and I developed over the years while we were living in London was to attend whichever ballet performance was given on New Year’s Eve at London’s Royal Opera House.  They always scheduled the performance slightly earlier than […]