I’m in good company

Let me introduce you to someone: Isn’t she wonderful? This is Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (1865-1932), painted by the equally fabulous John Singer Sargent in 1892 (oil on canvass 127x101cm), held by the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. Mr Tracks and I first met her at London’s National Gallery in 2006, as part of a […]

Music and movement

When I was in what we called the ‘infants school’ (aged around 6 I think), we used to have a class called ‘music and movement’.  Looking back, this may have been a way of using up time on wet days when we could not go outside.  But nevertheless, it was an early introduction to the concept […]

“Quiet descended on her, calm, content”*

In 2005, London’s fabulous Victoria and Albert Museum held a wonderful exhibition about the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Oh, how sublime it was to waft, Mrs Dalloway-style, through room after room of the most gorgeous jewellery, furniture, textiles and all sorts of other emphemera – why not take a wander through this beautiful online gallery […]

Sight, sense and sound of The Seat

Last night, Mr Tracks and I took part in a most wonderous event. NVA, a Glasgow-based public arts charity, has created an inspirational piece of interactive art as part of the 2012 Edinburgh International Festival. Using Edinburgh’s glorious landmark, Arthur’s Seat as one of the key players, this event involved us, the audience, as both […]