Last night, I shared this rather grainy, but to me very beautiful, image taken from our front room looking west over Edinburgh’s Corstorphine Hill towards the setting sun.  On a clear day, we can see right across to the (usually) snowy peak of Ben Lomond, which we think is about 50miles away as the crow flies.  But on this occasion the view was dominated by the beauty of the planet Venus (known sometimes as the evening star) and the crescent moon.

In response, my lovely friend Mandy, from the other side of the world in her New Zealand home, asked me what the most suitable music would be to go with the picture.  What a great question, and one, as it turns out, with many answers.

Perhaps the most obvious starting point would be Venus from Gustav Holst’s The Planets, which gently accompanies us as we stand looking in awe at the universe:


In contrast, perhaps we might like to soar up into the sky to join these celestial bodies.  What a party that would be….:


….swinging and toe-tapping all the way:


Or we could go a lil’ bit country:


And I can’t resist adding this pop classic:


But of all the many other tracks I could choose about the moon and stars, this last one is the most fitting.  One track to rule them all, you might say.  It is from The Two Towers, part of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack which, of course, was mostly filmed in New Zealand, thus taking us right back to Mandy’s front door.  And have a listen to the lyrics, which seem perfect for the moment right now. 😀

15 thoughts on ““May it be an evening star shines down upon you” – a starry night playlist

  1. Liz, I loved the atmospheric photograph and then I really enjoyed all the music this morning. As you know, the Frank Sinatra ‘Fly me to the moon’ is my ‘era’ and a favourite. I loved the Enya track but I actually think the Bananarama track sums up your youth! That and ABBA of course! You excelled in classical music but those are what I associate with you growing up. Lovely memories for me. Xx

  2. Thank you Mandy for your perceptive question. A beautiful post Liz, and a wonderful welcome back of music, and stars. Hugs and more hugs coming your way!

  3. What an enjoyable, musical post Liz! My husband went out on Sunday evening and took a photo of the moon with Venus, too. He is an Enya fan (but my daughter isn’t and tuts and sighs when he plays her music) and listens to her when he is stressed. He also rather likes Bananarama, as well!

  4. Enya! I have been saying to Crissy that I want to watch the trology again and now its even closer to happening, especially as I have The Hobbit, The Silmarrilion, and The Unfinsihed Tales, yet my copy of The Lord of the Rings is in Ph, typical!

    1. I may have told you this before – apologies if so – but Hub and I have a sometimes tradition of watching all three LoTR films (extended versions of course) back to back on Boxing Day. We settle in with plenty of cold turkey and snacks and happily while away the day. We didn’t do it this past year because we were away with our families (and are not holding that against them lol). But we are likely to be at home this year, so normal service will probably resume….

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