It’s been a little while since I produced a playlist to accompany one of my monthly Six Degrees posts. I forgot how much I enjoy putting these together. I hope you enjoy this month’s selections too.

So the first book in the chain is The Dry, for which I have chosen No Rest by new-to-me artist Dry the River. This is a super track, and I love the chord changes at around 2:10 in this acoustic version:


The next book is Days Without End, which is about two brothers-in-arms, so there could only be one choice. What a classic track, and great to see this amazing video again:


Third is Cold Mountain. Here is one of the haunting songs from the soundtrack of the 2003 film adaptation:


Next up is Mountains of the Mind. I love this footage of a recording of music for the British TV series Lewis, with a track called The Mind Has Mountains:


On we go to Touching the Void, which (at a stretch, lol) gives me a chance to include some iconic 80s footage. When you touch something, it gives you a feeling…..


Our next title is The Goldfinch. There could only be one choice here. Just listen to that beautiful rippling chatter:


Finally, the last link in the chain is The Gift of Rain, which allows me to end this playlist with an epic, classic rain-related track. Take it away, Barbara….. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Listening While Reading: a playlist

  1. Ha ha, Touching the Void is a book I’ve always shied away from but pairing it with Flashdance is inspired 😀 Some gorgeous tracks here, Liz 🙂

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