My beloved Mr Tracks has been celebrating his 60th birthday this week. He said that he had not looked forward to a birthday so much in ages, given that he now has the delights of a bus pass and a senior citizen’s rail card!  It seems only right that this week’s playlist should showcase some of the hits of his birth year, 1959.

First up is the song that was at number one in the UK on his actual birthday (how great to be able to share a Shirley Bassey track two weeks running!);


And here are a couple more number one tracks from 1959 which are of course now classics:



Last but not least, this is cheating a bit, but hey I can’t resist. Elvis Presley was at number one in the USA during 1959 with A Big Hunk o’ Love. This version is a fabulous new version with accompaniment by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Enjoy! 🙂




12 thoughts on “Friday Playlist: birthday hits from 1959

  1. Thank you for this darling. Listen to the words of Shirley Bassey’s song, which is a favourite of mine. Until I met you i didn’t relay understand them. They have, and have had so much meaning to me since we have been together

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr. Tracks! I love the playlist especially the great Ms Bassey. I had forgotten what a fabulous voice the lead singer in the Platters had! I have my Railcard but have to wait until 2024 until I’m old enough for a bus pass. We have so few buses here it is doubtful if any will be left in five years time!

  3. A lovely musical tribute to your Mr Tracks. Of course the hits were my era so I loved hearing them again and I loved the orchestra on the Bassey and Presley tracks. Classy and classic. Happy Birthday to Mr Tracks again.

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