It’s been a funny old week – warm enough to go out without a coat, and then back to wintry shivers. Still, we should know better – that old phrase ‘cast ne’er a clout ’til May be out’ can usually be relied on. Interestingly, it is tempting to think that ‘May’ refers to the month. But apparently it is more likely to be a reference to the may tree, or hawthorn bush, which blossoms in late April/early May.

Either way, we seem for the time being to be back to having the right (ie cold) weather for the beginning of March.  So why not cosy up over the weekend with some laid-back tracks just perfect for lounging.


First up is a track which was initially released a few years ago, but has recently been revived by the car manufacturer Seat. Good on them:


Second, we have a blast from the 80s past – an absolute classic:


And finally for this week, a track which is as soothing to watch as it is to listen. Gorgeous:


Happy listening! I look forward to sharing more favourite tracks with you next week. 🙂


13 thoughts on “My favourite listens of the week

  1. I like your header illustration, Liz! My daughter and I still use ‘In The Night Garden’ to relax!
    I loved the music choice this week, especially Térangah Bah.

  2. A soundtrack for my writing, this is why I love coming here, I never know what I will get next, new or old, familiar or new (again). Variety is indeed spicy.

    1. It’s great to know that you and other friends are enjoying these mini-playlists as much as I am in putting them together – thanks so much!

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