This post is a companion piece to a post I have published on my other blog, Leaping Life, participating in the Six Degrees of Separation book-link meme.  I love making connections between ideas – some obvious; others unexpected. Creating a playlist for my six degrees book choices allows me to prolong the linking fun!


This month’s playlist is dominated by film soundtracks. But I am a sucker for film music – when done well, it adds so much to the viewing experience. So I make no apologies for majoring on some great themes here!


We start with The French Lieutenant’s Woman. This book was made into a film in 1981. Here is part of the beautiful and haunting soundtrack by the inimitable Carl Davis:


Next, we have An Officer and a Spy, which made me think of the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman. What a great excuse to relive some memorable moments from that iconic movie, as well as hearing a classic 1980s track:


On we go to Destination Unknown. Part of this story is set in the Atlas mountains, so here is Coldplay’s Atlas:


We now link to The Island. I recently watched a film of the same name (not linked to the book)….


And here’s a cheeky bonus track which I could not resist, which links to a key part of the book’s premise, namely the ferry between islands:


It is a short leap to our next title, Small Island, another book which has been translated onto screen:


The next book in the chain is Americanah, for which there can be only one track. Bernstein’s lyrics in this classic musical are sadly still as relevant today as when he composed the score in 1961:


Last but not least, my track for First in the World Somewhere is Boney M’s Somewhere in the World. What a great listen this is:


I hope you enjoyed this month’s playlist selections. I look forward to presenting another set of tracks next month! 🙂

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