This post is a companion piece to a post I have published on my other blog, Leaping Life, participating in the Six Degrees of Separation book-link meme.

I love making unexpected connections between random ideas. Creating a playlist for my six degrees book choices allows me to prolong the linking fun! So here we go.

The starting point this month is The Outsiders. This book was filmed in 1983 by Frances Ford Coppola. It has a cracking soundtrack: here’s one of my favourite songs to get our toes tapping:


Next up is The Eye, which gives me the perfect excuse to include an epic 80s classic:


On we go to The Unfinished Palazzo. I have recently discovered the band Palace and love both their sound and their artwork:


It always pleases me greatly if I can include an ABBA track into these playlist posts. After all, isn’t life always made just a little bit better with their music? 🙂 Anyway, for Miss Garnet’s Angel I can give you:


Next we have Remarkable Creatures. Oh bliss – you are going to love this extract from comedian Bill Bailey’s show, The Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra. What a brilliant and hilarious riff on the theme tune to Dr Who:


And finally, we turn to Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts. I thought this might present the greatest challenge in finding a linked track. But imagine my delight when browsing through the index I spotted that one of the chapters is devoted to the Carmina Burana Manuscript. Carl Orff’s masterpiece Carmina Burana runs for over an hour, so here is an extract of one of the most famous parts, O Fortuna:


Added bonus – who doesn’t love a good Flashmob experience…. 🙂


I have had great fun putting this month’s playlist together. What do you think? Which tracks would you have chosen?

Next month’s book chain starts with Vanity Fair – I can’t wait to see what unexpected treasures come from that! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Six degrees of listening while reading: a playlist to go with my The Outsiders book chain

  1. I’d never seen the Doctor Who one before, it made me laugh. My cousin is a massive fan so I will send him the link. O Fortuna is an immense piece but I often think it all gets a bit camp after such a strong start.

  2. Eye of the Tiger brought back memories. My son played it a lot during high school. The track is imprinted on my brain. Happily, for both of us, I liked it blasting forth from upstairs!

  3. I love your selection of music, Liz! Bill Bailey is such a clever and witty man; I adore him! I must show this to my younger daughter as she is talking Dr Who non-stop at the moment! Carmina Burana! What over-the-topness! The flash mob video is such fun and the venue reminded me of my time in Vienna.
    I used to attend a holiday music course in the Austrian Alps each year when I was a teenager. One evening we were given a ‘menu’ composed by the tutors on the course. Carmina Burana was an item on the menu but it had been crossed out because it was ‘Orff’.

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