This post is a companion piece to a post I have published on my other blog, Leaping Life, participating in the Six Degrees of Separation book-link meme.

I love making unexpected connections between random ideas. Creating a playlist for my six degrees book choices allows me to prolong the linking fun! So here we go.


For this month’s starting book, Atonement, I could have been ‘out-there’ by choosing some a-tonal music. But I like to post only those tracks I would be prepared to listen to myself lol. So here is part of the rather magnificent soundtrack from the film adaption.


And for the track to accompany my Sense and Sensibility book choice, there is no choice but to include part of the soundtrack to Ang Lee’s film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. The music matches perfectly the beauty and the emotion of the production.


Turning to The Sense of an Ending, this has also been made into a film, for which there is a soundtrack. But it seemed a bit too same-y to have a film score for the third time. So instead, I have focused on this book’s ‘growing pains’ theme, and have opted for the utterly excellent and timeless Teenage Kicks by the Undertones. What a brilliant track this is.


Now we move on to The Ocean at the End of the Lane which allows me to include John Butler’s mesmerising guitar session track, Ocean.


Next comes The Light Between Oceans. This is predominantly set in a lighthouse, so here we have The Lighthouse Family performing their 1990s hit Lifted.


On we go to Light on Snow, for which I have for you the delicate and ethereal Snow Light, composed and performed by Kanaho:


And finally, for The Snow Geese, a track from Camel’s album The Snow Goose. This was originally written as an accompaniment to Paul Galico’s book, but I think it works just as well for Fiennes’ book too. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Six degrees of listening while reading: a playlist to go with my Atonement book list

    1. Great selection – you sort of read my mind. I nearly added to the post a line on ‘if you can only listen to one or two…’ and would have picked exactly these two tracks!! xxx

  1. This is my second time around on this post, Liz. This past weekend I have been St. Albert visiting my brothers. Just before I left for Alberta (why does this always happen on a weekend), I ended up in a dentist’s chair that had me on painkillers and antibiotics. How wonderful to have people who care for us during times when our health is not optimum. And how wonderful to have music and books to add joy to our days. Life is simply the best! Hugs coming your way.

    1. So sorry to hear about your trip to the dentist, which sounds awful – I really hope everything is ok now. Anything to do with teeth seems horrendous, but as you say, thank heavens for the medical profession. I shudder when reading about folks with wooden teeth etc in years gone by. How easy it is to forget the benefits of modern life.

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