A simple theme today – peace, calm, tranquility – three pieces to provide a moment of stillness in our busy lives.

Firstly, J S Bach’s Prelude in C Minor, performed by David Tayler:


Next, Dum Transisset Sabbatum by John Taverner (1490-1545), sung by the Tallis Scholars:


And finally, a beautiful interpretation of Jarabi written by Toumani Diabaté:

“Be still
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity”
― Lao Tzu

13 thoughts on “A moment of stillness: three pieces for calm and reflection

  1. An exquisite selection to start my day. Last night we had dinner in a crowded restaurant that was filled with music that made conversation difficult, but the crowd extremely engaged. It seems that there are many outliers in our repertoire of music. One thing is for certain – we all need music!!! Hugs!

    1. Thank you Becky. Yes, additional music can sometimes create a bit of a challenge and sometimes pure silence is what we need. But how vital it is to be able to select such musical riches when we need them! X

  2. I saved this post for the right moment. And that moment has just happened 🙂 Today has been too busy. A time out with your beautiful selections and all is calm once again. Lovely!

    Thanks, Liz 🙂

  3. What a great mix, this will be the soundtrack to my day, before it derails into the usual political YouTube videos and the inevitable cheesy one hit wonders.

  4. Oh Liz, so lovely to have discovered this blog of yours… and what a selection you’ve given us… I’ve been a fan of David Taylor and him and his wife’s group for some years, and regularly play their repertoire, including the gorgeous recorder music they’ve resurrected and researched… as for Taverner… what a glorious recording.. always my favourite choir when I want to listen to carols at Christmas… and now to explore your third choice…
    What a delicious blog….

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