I last wrote about the rock band Queen over three years ago, back in the heady days when I was in the ‘Q’ part of my musically alphabetical journey through the tracks on my iPhone.

I am a bit stuck in the ‘T’s at the moment, and have various ideas about how to get unstuck.  But in the meantime, I wanted to share this marvellous clip with you.

As you will see, there is a piano in the open air ready to be played by anyone who feels like it.  That is a wonderful idea in itself.  It seems that most people play classical music.  But not this woman.  She just steps up and gives a brilliant performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

I love how free and easy she is with the piece, conveying all the highs and lows of the track, and how it affects those around her.

And if you fancy reminiscing about the original, here it is – the pioneer of the rise of the music video.  It was after the release of this one that video promos began to become the norm across the industry.  Enjoy! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Rhapsodic Piano Playing

  1. The woman is a true performer isn’t she?! There is a piano on Sheffield railway station for anyone to play with just a notice asking people not to abuse the facility. I heard a wonderful performance from a young man there last summer.

  2. Oh Freddy, we miss you!

    There is another of those pianos at St Pancras, it has the most magical effect.

  3. It has the feel of a piano in an old saloon in the Wild West. It’s great that people can just get up and perform there own take on something so well known, I’m sure if she left a hat out it would have been full of coins too.

  4. I’ve always loved this song and love the piano version, especially the idea of people just sitting there and getting to hear that performance.

    1. It’s an absolute classic, isn’t it. I love this rendition and am thinking of getting the piano music myself now!!

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