One further foray into the world of re-interpretations today. You may recall my recent post about Maurice Ravel’s Boléro.  Here is the magificent Pink Martini with their rendition.

It is great to see and hear it again.  Hub and I first had experience of this wonderful piece at our first Pink Martini concert in London several years ago.  They had to stop performing it when Ravel’s estate objected to their arrangement – see this article for more details.  But Boléro has recently come in to the public domain, so it is happily safe to engage with the PM version once again.  Enjoy!


By the way, if you like Pink Martini’s style, why not have a look at their other work.  Below are some of my favorites.  The band is touring in the UK later this year, including a gig in Glasgow in October – can’t wait to see them again. 😀











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