Continuing with what has accidentally become a bit of a theme across recent posts, here is yet more evidence of the brilliance of musicians in their reinterpretations of beloved works.

British readers will be very familiar with the radio programme The Archers – the world’s longest running radio ‘soap opera’ production.  Equally well know is the theme for The Archers, which is actually a piece called Barwick Green, written in 1924 by Arthur Wood.  Here it is for your delectation:



For a fabulous take on this piece, check out this link for a rendition by the Budapest Cafe Orchestra. So clever to weave Barwick Green together with The Kinks’ Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon.

And and last but by no means least, here is the incomparable Billy Connolly with his ideas about how this theme could be used….. 😀



6 thoughts on “Variations on a theme

  1. Was that a young Robbie Coltrane and the ever young Ian St John? Blimey! That gave me a laugh for today and for no apparent reason has me humming the Thomas the Tank Engine music.

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