When you consider Mozart’s magnificent and dramatic ‘Queen of the Night’ aria from his opera The Magic Flute, you are most likely to go for something along these lines, I would imagine.  Diana Damrau is stunning as the vengeful mother, don’t you think?

But how about this for a change. Michael Barimo is a world champion whistler.  Check out his passionate rendition of this aria. And let’s not forget the brilliant playing on the part of the pianist. Two amazing performances.

Don’t you just love opera? 😀

8 thoughts on “What a party piece!

  1. Opera is something I feel I have to be picky about but do wish to get into it more, if you have any recommendations that would be most awesome!

    1. Don’t be picky – just go for it! You can’t go wrong with Mozart’s Don Giovanni for starters – all the quality and beauty you would expect from Mozart’s music, but with plenty of oomph too. Then you might move on to La Bohème by Puccini – totally sublime. Everything you would want from an opera – gorgeous music, drama, passion…. Let me know what you think & I can give you more info accordingly…. 😀

      1. A friend recommended The Pearl Fishers, at least I think that was the title he gave. Typically I haven’t gotten around to it quite yet! I shall add your two to my list and try and have a day of culture.

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