Everyone will know by now, I am sure, about the death of David Bowie earlier today.

I am no Bowie aficionado; nor am I going to try and top the myriad tributes, quotes, articles etc that have been pouring in about him, his life and his work.

But I wanted to make sure that this humble music blog at least doffed its own small cap towards Bowie and his music.

I was recently fascinated by this article about the making of the track Under Pressure – a joint venture between Bowie and Queen.  It includes a link to the isolated vocal tracks of Bowie and Freddie Mercury.  It is brilliant to hear the quality of both voices.  A full version of the finally released track is here.

I also like this montage, described as the ‘ch-ch-changing faces of David Bowie’.  It encapsulates splendidly his originality and creativity over the years.

So, do I have a favourite Bowie track?  Apart from the aforementioned Under Pressure, (which, for the pendants among you, probably does not strictly count) I think it is a toss up between Life On Mars? and Space Oddity.  Not particularly profound, I know.  But you can’t beat the classics.

9 thoughts on “R.I.P. David Bowie

  1. I am a Bowie fan and remember staying for the summer in UK when I was 16 in an apartment near his recording studio where I hoped to get a glimpse of him and never did.

    1. How exciting, Cindy! It must have been such an amazing time, even though you did not get to see him – just the anticipation would have been fun 🙂

  2. A great post, Liz. While I appreciated that his music was popular, I believe that it was his challenge and view of the world that prompted us to think differently. Isn’t that what music is all about?!!!

    1. Yes, isn’t it – I have listened to it loads of times and always hear something new. Bowie’s latest was amazing – so incredible to be continually innovating like that.

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