As you may have gathered, things have been somewhat frenetic in my Leaping world over the last week or so.  The launch of my new blog, LeapingLife, has been very exciting and I have enjoyed getting into the swing of trying to meet my aim of delivering a post a day.

But it is important to have some balance in one’s life.  And so where might one turn?  Of course, to find some soothing and relaxing music.  I have the perfect offering for you in the this regard.

When Mr Tracks and I first got together, over 21 years ago, he already had a fabulous collection of classical records and CDs.  One that became a firm joint favourite was a series of Harp Concertos, with Marisa Robles as the soloist.  In fact, we played it so much, you could say this set of music became the equivalent of ‘our song’.  This is very fitting because we do not really share much taste in modern music.

Unfortunately, there do not seem to be any active clips on YouTube of any of the concertos being played by Ms Robles herself.  But they are being performed by others. Here is the first, with Julia Rovinsky as the soloist – the Harp Concerto in C by Boieldieu. Get ready to be taken to distant shores; make sure you are not driving or operating heavy machinery when listening; because this is a glorious distraction.  I urge you listen to with care to the beauty of the second movement – the intricate and detailed playing, which then tumbles into the sublime third and final movement.  If the hairs do not stand up on the back of your neck, you must listen again, because you will not have done it properly the first time! 😉

Next, we have Handel’s Harp Concerto in B Flat, Op 4/6.  Oh, my dears, you are in for a treat.  Take a listen to this.  So ethereal, other-wordly.  Mr Tracks and I used to use this piece when testing out whether we wanted to buy any new piece of audio equipment!  We would take the CD into the shop with us and ask the assistant to play it so we could hear the speakers/CD player or whatever.  It was an excellent test as to the clarity of the sound.  And it sure turned heads in the shop.

Finally, as if these riches are not already enough, let me give you the Harp Concerto by Dittersdorf.  I’ll let you wallow…… 🙂


*How Green Is My Valley  – Richard Llewellyn

10 thoughts on ““Sweet is the music of the harp”*

  1. Sweet riches indeed, although the 4th link didn’t work for me. (Removed for copyright reasons it says.) I totally agree with your audio testing method. 🙂 You should see the looks I get when I insist on pouring water out of jugs and teapots before I buy them. I can’t abide a bad pourer no matter how beautiful it is.

    1. So pleased you like the music. I have found a different link for the Handel concerto, so hopefully you can listen to this one too now. I am delighted that we are on the same wavelength re testing and I love the idea of you pouring things in shops. I totally agree – nothing worse than a dribbly spout!! 🙂

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