What a wonderful start I have had to my morning.  I was on my way to do a spot of food shopping and I popped in to one of our local stationery shops to pick up a card to send to a friend.

As I was browsing, my ears inevitably tuned in to the very quiet background music that was playing.  I’m not sure how many other of the customers were paying attention.  But I could not tear my ears away when I heard the first bars of Offenbach’s “Bacarolle” start up.

Oh what a beautiful piece this is, and although the shop’s version was purely orchestral, it was no less sublime for it.  I had to keep wandering round and round pretending to look at things so that I could keep listening – no mean feat, because even though the piece only lasts just under 4 minutes, the shop is very small and I had already selected my purchase when it started!!

Anyway, here is a lovely version for you – I particularly like the fact that it is set in rehearsal and so the performers are seen in a different mode to the usual poised and polished ‘on stage’ veneer.

I hope it adds to your day as much as it has mine 🙂


11 thoughts on “Oh morning beauty

  1. Well that is nice I must say! Two morning cups of tea and a morning kiss as you awoke from dreamland to start your day and not so much as a mention!

  2. Oh how lovely, thank you for sharing this with us! And I must add that I love the idea of you lingering in the shop just to listen to the music: you are a true music lover.

  3. I love your eclectic taste in music and ability to identify things on the fly. How awkward to be aware of your fake browsing when really you just wanted to listen to the music. Shops should have more music such as this, to keep us all appreciating different genres.

  4. My god, this is sublime. I didn’t know it was Offenbach. (Always thought it was Tchaikowski.) Do you mind if I reblog this? A great way to start the day. Thanks

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