Many of you will know that the legendary Blues artist, BB King died today at the grand old age of  89.

I can’t sum up what he meant to people and the music any better than by posting this message by Eric Clapton.

BB King a dear friend and inspiration to me….

Posted by Eric Clapton on Friday, 15 May 2015

Here are a couple of tracks from the album Eric mentions, BB King Live at the Regal:

The whole album is readily available on YouTube if you want to wallow in more deliciousness.

I am sure our Step-Father will be doing just this.  Once, when my sister wrote him a card, she put ‘Dear S/D’ as a shortened form of ‘Step Dad’ but the ‘/’ came out like an ‘i’, so he ended up as Sid.  He has also had to endure ‘Step-Daddy’ by us adult Step-Daughters.  He is very long-suffering and extremely good humoured with it.

He loves all kinds of music, and is particularly steeped in the blues.  I may do a post one day on one of his many favourites – the wonderfully named Seasick Steve.  But for now, we will all doff our caps to the late, the great, Mr King.  RIP.


5 thoughts on “This one’s for you, SiD!

  1. Step Daddy here. A sad loss indeed. The only ‘Old Blues Man’ still going strong is Buddy Guy and long may he continue. Coincidentally I am trying to master Sweet Little Angel at the moment, having already savaged ‘Every Day I have the Blues’.

  2. I am glad I saw BB King at the Colston Hall in Bristol. SiD saw him several times in different places. I am also glad that the BBC 6 o’clock News paid a fitting tribute to him.

    1. Hi Mum, seeing him live must have been amazing. The tributes have been great, haven’t they. It is not often that you get the blues played on R4’s Today Programme!! X

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