In my last post, I said that one of the things I would do on a migraine-free day would be to take a lovely long walk along a beach.

I am pleased to report that Mr Tracks and I took ourselves off today to North Berwick – a lovely part of the coast to the east of Edinburgh.  It had all the ‘Bs’.

1.  Bustle and Boats


North Berwick Sept 2014_0007 small North Berwick Sept 2014_0006 small

2.  Beautiful Beaches (complete with gorgeous husband 🙂 )

North Berwick Sept 2014_0009 small North Berwick Sept 2014_0012 small North Berwick Sept 2014_0020 small



(ps don’t you just love the washing hanging up in that first of these three pictures above?)

3.  And last but by no means least, and with special thoughts for my lovely friend Liz W, who shares my obsession with oystercatchers, there were Birds, and not just any birds…..

North Berwick Sept 2014_0034 small




Could these little critters have posed better?  I love the one on the rock looking over at   us.  And I was please to see that I had inadvertently caught a tern about to dive – see the top centre of the picture.  There were loads of them wheeling about and fishing – fabulous (probably Little Tern, judging by colour of legs, beaks and chattering sounds, for the ornithologists among you).  Also fishing were cormorants, heron, a great crested grebe (minus crest) and a couple of red-throated divers – now that was really special.  We had not seen those for ages.  They were in the water too far out for decent shots, even with Mr Tracks’ super-duper lenses, so you will have to take my word for it.

What a great day out we had.  Not a breath of wind; warm sunshine; hazy, golden autumnal colours.  A real treat.


7 thoughts on “A day out at the beach

  1. Thank you Liz!! What a brilliant photograph and lucky lucky you to actually have seen them. The rest of the day and the company must have struggled to live up to that ; ) It looks wonderful. I remmebr you recommended N berwick to Mike and me when we were in Edinburgh last spring and we set off in that direction but didn’t get that far. Must do so next time!
    I was sorry to read your last post. I knew you had migraines but hadn’t realised they were that frequent. Hugs and sympathy!

  2. Great bird pic! “For the last time, Hamish, I do not want to hear why you think informal currency union is the best option for both countries. Just pipe down and start looking for those sandworms”

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