After a lovely long run of heat and sunshine here in Edinburgh, we found ourselves yesterday underneath the city’s infamous haar (fog).

You can see many photos here of how this beautiful city normally looks, and it puts on a particularly glorious show in sunlight.  Have a look here also at some of the fabulous sunsets we have been getting.  We can see this kind of thing from our apartment, which looks east over the Firth of Forth.  Spectacular!

To illustrate the contrast we experience when the haar is in, take a look at this wonderful blog.  It happens to describe and photograph the very neighbourhood where we live – Bruntsfield.  As the text says, ‘Edinburgh is a foggy city’!

But where pop music is concerned, it is never foggy.  No sirreee.  This is territory where all is bright, certain, and guaranteed to put a spring in your step.  Oh, and to make just one more tenuous link then, what better way to illustrate my point than with the 90s dance group STEPS (ok, I can hear you all groaning, but bear with me 🙂 ).

in the Wiki entry for STEPS, there is a reference to their brand of music being ‘happy pop’, light-hearted and fun.  This is absolutely bang-on.  All their songs are jolly and toe tapping (even when they are about sad things, like losing love).

So let’s take a look at some examples.  I must admit that their music videos are pretty cheesy, but if you can’t take it, just shut your eyes and listen to the tracks.

First, there is Tragedy, a lively cover of the Bee Gees track.  I defy anyone not to tap their toes along with this.  You will see that this first link is to the official video.  But take a look at this second link – at one of their live shows.  This demonstrates just how popular the group were, and how much everyone used to enjoy this track.  I love the fact that everyone in the audience of all ages and varieties clearly knows all the moves and words etc, and is having a great time.

Another track I really like is Deeper Shade of Blue.  Here’s a link to the video.  I think this is ahead of its time compared with the types of look that stars such as Lady Gaga are generating these days.

And here is an example of a track which exemplifies the aim behind the formation of the group – ie an attempt to produce an Abba-like sound.  You can hear very clearly in One for Sorrow tracks such as ABBA’s Super Trouper (by the way, with my knitting head on, I love the jumper that Frieda is wearing at the beginning of this video!).

I realise that some may argue that it is bordering on sacrilege to compare STEPS with the mighty ABBA.  But I don’t think we need to get hung up about such things.  All we need to focus on is that this music is great fun, demands nothing very much of the listener and gives a whole lot of enjoyment and pleasure, whatever the weather.

7 thoughts on “In Pop Land it is always sunny!

    1. Don’t you just love weather in all its forms? How dull life would be if the weather was always the same. Of course, as I am sure you know, we Brits are famous for our ‘weather talk’. And we have a hierarchy of weather. So obviously sunshine is best. Then if someone says ‘pity it is cloudy today’ the answer is ‘yes, but at least it is dry’. And the answer to ‘shame it is raining’ is ‘ah but not too cold’. Etc etc See what I mean?! 🙂

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