*or life’s like that…..

Here’s how my morning started today, with a visit to the coffee shop before I got on my train.  It was clearly far too early both for me and the hapless server…:

Me: camomile tea please, with an almond croissant to take away

Server:  is that with milk?

Me: (puzzled because why would I have milk with camomile tea and assuming therefore that I have misheard) regular please

Server: to eat here?

Me: no, take away please – can you put it all in the same bag please

Server: you would like your pastry in a bag? (putting pastry in a bag, but on a plate)

Me: (not noticing the plate) yes please and can I also have everything in a carry bag so I can walk to my train

Server: you want your pastry in a bag, in another bag?

Me: yes please – a small pastry bag, inside a carry bag, along with the camomile tea please

Server: Camomile tea? Oh, right – this tea you mean (the one she has just made for me)

Me:  Great, thanks! (Pay and walk away with my carry bag)

On the train, I discover I have English Breakfast tea!  But at least I do have an almond croissant.  Oh, and plenty of bags.

Moral of the tale?  Order coffee whenever embarking on train travel of course!  🙂

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