What does February 14 mean to you?  Depends on your perspective, right?  Your personal situation?

The film Love Actually (2003) explores the proposition that, no matter how unlikely, how unexpected, there is always someone to love.  Yes of course it is full of beautiful people.  Of course it is full of unlikely scenarios that work out in ways only fit for the movies.  But what about the relationship between Billy Mack and his manager?  What about the one between Karen and Harry (Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman)?  Sarah and her brother?

I re-watched the film last night because I have the soundtrack on my iPhone.  Both are classics.

What struck me this time round was that so many characters were noticing things they had not picked up previously.  They either had major revelations (like Kris selling up and going to America).  Or they had quiet, personal knowledge that they had to keep to themselves until they had worked out how to deal with it in the right way (like Mark coming to terms with Juliet’s marriage to Peter).  Sometimes other people thought they were mad.  Other times they themselves thought so.  Most of the time, it was important to go with gut feeling and do what felt right with these new insights.

When one is in the day to day swing of things, it can be so easy to see things from just one viewpoint, isn’t it.  In a one-dimensional way.  I’m really good at this – make a snap judgement about why someone might be behaving in a certain way, or make an instant decision decision about something when waiting a bit longer would have helped.  I also work hard at doing less of this.  At raising my eyes from the ground to the level and beyond to the horizon.  At embracing all the things with which I instinctively feel a connection, but don’t actively acknowledge.

It may be a cliche, but it’s a good one – everything basically comes down to love, actually.

10 thoughts on “Viewing platforms

  1. Well said! I often think about history and how it is rewritten through different viewpoints. We can’t see it all at once. I think that is why music is so important. It comes from a different persective, and provides a nuance to the narrative. Consider a scary move, without the music. By the way, my favourite history quote – “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Sir Winston Churchill

  2. And there’s another film I have yet to see from start to finish. Love your idea of viewing platforms. In a way, theatres and cinemas, via their seating arrangements, offer us a lot of different viewing platforms. If I go to the ballet, the experience from the Gods is so different from a front row viewing. I rather like both.

  3. I am bored with movies these days and rarely watch them. But I often think of “Love Actually,” and it has stayed with me. Really enjoyed it..
    Last night my son who is visiting suggested we watch, “The Secret Life of Arriety,” about The Borrowers books my children and I loved as children. 500 or so amazing Japanese artists made this mind boogle of a movie!
    It is an incredible work of collaborative art and absolutely endearing.
    Perfect for Valentines Day!
    I hope you watch it if you haven’t already!

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