I was settling down to write a post about the singer Norah Jones and, while looking for YouTube clips, came across this random gem.

As you will see, it is a celebration of a woman’s devotion to knitting.  Huh?  You might ask.  I know – you have to watch it, then you will know.  If you build it they will come, to mis-quote one of my favourite films.

This lady has knitted hundreds of sweaters over the years.  This film shows them all being given an outing, flash-mob style, to the tune of The Turtles’ 1967 hit So Happy Together.

This is total immersion in the joy of being human.  Of being part of a community.  Of letting oneself go and joining in with the fabulousness of life.  I’m sure Norah would give me a high five on that one.


8 thoughts on “Feeling all warm & woolly inside

  1. I was in Starbucks when I watched the the first time! It brought tears to my eyes. Whenever there is a celebration there is always music, dance and food. Right now, I am sitting in a cafe and waiting to hear a choir sing. My food is on the way, the singers have arrived. Now all I need to do is to start dancing. How true – a total immersion in the joy of being human and being part of a community.

  2. Just watched this while having my morning cup of coffee- such a wonderful way to start my day! I love the children, the cat, the dog in the window, the dancing and the woman’s expression. Just delightful!

    1. I love all those things too, plus the man in the yellow jumper. I’m sitting having my lunch and I think I’ll just have another little look at the clip – what a total treasure!!

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