Mr Tracks and I often have porridge for our breakfast.  Not so unusual, I’m sure you are thinking.  No indeed.  That is my point.

When I am making the porridge, I love the hypnotic stirring process.  I always select the same wooden spoon with which to stir (we do not have an official ‘spurtle’), and I allow my thoughts to drift across time to connect with the many millions of unknown people who have also made this simple but nourishing oat-based dish over the years.

Mr Tracks made ours this morning.  Here are the fruits of his labours:


We like our porridge sweet.  This is sacrilege to most Scottish people, who traditionally take their porridge with salt.  I have mine with maple syrup and give Clanmother a wave.  Today the Porridge has a smiley face for her too (mine is on the right).

Robert Burns in his poem ‘The Cotter’s Saturday Night’ celebrated this noble dish:

But now the supper crowns their simple board,
      The halesome parritch, chief o Scotia’s food

And for those who are seriously serious about porridge, take a look at this website.  It is my aim to get to the world championships one day, but I must get my own spurtle under my belt first.  Meanwhile, here is a recipe for traditional Scottish porridge – enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Porridge – the stuff of life

  1. I thought this was going to be an account of how you had the man saying “Norman Stanley Fletcher…..” and the clanging of prison doors on your iPod 😦

  2. I love porridge – and I like it sweet!! There is something iconic about this noble meal. Robbie Burns had great taste. I have a feeling he knew that Porridge would continue to be a welcome companion on a cold winter morning for generations to come. Even Starbucks has come to the table…I am impressed by Mr. Tracks!! And I think that you should go for the world championship. Didn’t we say that 2013 would be amazing? Go for it…

    1. You are so right – anything endorsed by RB cannot be gainsaid! I think Porridge will be with us forever. Mr T thanks you for your compliment and says you must have excellent taste!!!

  3. I love porridge but I think parritch may be even better. I have a spurtle but I found it wasn’t as good as a plain wooden spoon for the porridge business,so the spurtle was sent out to the laundry to stir clothes that need soaking. Does a good job. I like sweet porridge too but my father thinks that sweetness is ruinous to a good porridge. Long live parritch, sweet or otherwise. And be a world champion!

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