Way back on 15 August 2012, I was still ‘doing the Ds’, and wrote about the gorgeous music of Antonin Dvorak.  If you care to have a little pop back to that post, you will see that I discussed the limited range of his work on my iPhone.  And I particularly lamented the absence of two key works which I had expected to find there.

Now fast forward to today when I arrive at the music to be listened to at the current point in my playlist.  ‘Midori’ my iPhone tells me.  I think ‘I have no idea what this is, but hey, let’s plunge in as usual’.

Imagine my delight when I hear the first few bars of an orchestra play – da, da, dahhhh; da da dahhhh.. and so on.  It’s only, ladies and gentlemen, Dvorak’s Violin Concerto in A Minor – one of the two works which I was so desperate to get hold of that I put them on my wish list.  How fabulous is that!

But what or who is this Midori?  Good question, thanks for asking.  I started to do some research.  The first place I looked was the CD notes, according to which, the work is performed by the renowned soloist Tasmin Little, accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Vernon Handley – here‘s a link to the CD for info, although it is too old to have MP3 clips.

So I did the next obvious thing and typed ‘Midori’ into google.  The first reference which came up was to a melon liqueur and cocktail.  Mmmm – sounds nice, but I don’t drink alchohol and this probably doesn’t solve our particular question today.  But ah-ha!  The second entry related to ‘Violinist Midori’s Official Website’.  Isn’t it fascinating how one thing leads to another in life.  I had not heard of this performer before, but reading her website is very interesting.  She is obviously highly accomplished and I will look out for her work in due course.

From the information on her various pages, it was not clear whether there was any unfortunate misreprentations on the CD.  I suspect the CD is indeed the work of Ms Little and it is iTunes which has got itself a bit muddled.  That can easily be corrected.  Meanwhile, I am very happy to have this to listen to again much earlier than expected – here’s a YouTube version so you listen too.


3 thoughts on “Finding an old friend

  1. I love the way one thing leads to another! And it’s great when you find something you had forgotten you had; happens a lot around here 🙂 I am keeping the concerto for my evening listening. I had a wee listen to the opening which is exactly as you describe.

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