In March 2006, an unlikely film about different aspects of racism in America beat the bookies’ favourite (Brokeback Mountain) to take the coveted ‘Best Film’ prize.

With the tagline ‘It’s not like things are black and white’, Crash, was generally well received critically and publicly.  You can read more about the plot and information about the film on the IMDB and Wiki.

I remember being extremely moved by the film.  The story takes place over a relatively short space of time.  The  events affecting the different characters interweave in such a clever, dramatic way.  And all the while, tugging at our heart-strings and our consciousnesses is Mark Isham’s stunning and unforgettable soundtrack.

Isham has written music for many films.  He has a particular interest in synthesised work.  And he also has a knack of producing results totally sympathetic to the work he is scoring for.  Here is a YouTube clip (A Really Good Cloak) – one of my favourite tracks from Crash.  It represents one of the most dramatic moments in the film and it brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it – even now as I type.

The film is somewhat violent.  People have said it is a depressing indictment on society.

But I think it can be seen in an optimistic light.

There is a saying – ‘the opposite of fear is love’.  Many of the characters in the film are operating from a position of fear and I think this film is ultimately about love.  It is about the love which people don’t have but would like to have for themselves and others.  It is about the similarities which they discover they have with complete strangers.  It is about the love they find for their families and friends which they had forgotten to recognise on a day to day basis.  It is about connection.  It is about basic humanity, sharing and compassion for our fellow neighbours.

I did not expect to be recommending this soundtrack when writing a post on Christmas Eve, but it turns out to be perfect timing.  The music goes deep into your heart and soul, as does the film.  It makes you question your own approach to dealing with difference.  How tolerant am I of the person next to me?  I know that there is always more I can do to reach out.

So, I leave you with one more uplifting clipFlames – to stir you along to Christmas day.  May all your festivities be full of peace and love.


4 thoughts on “A really good cloak

  1. Well said!! We all agree with peace on earth as long as it coincides with our definition of appropriate behavior. We are afraid of “difference” when in fact we should be celebrating diversity. Perhaps that is the real Christmas message! A poor child in a manger changed the world because he accepted everyone just as they were.

  2. What beautiful clips. I love this movie but didn’t remember the soundtrack for some reason. I will be paying more attention to Mark Isham’s work from now on though. So beautiful!

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