I have been trying very, very hard today to like, or even get anywhere close to understanding those who might like, the album Only By The Night by Kings of Leon.

This is another Project LT special which I must have downloaded somewhere along the way and never listened to.

Anyway, I played it twice, listening to it mostly while running errands and amusing myself around my beautiful home town of Edinburgh – I have had a day’s leave today.  My fellow blogger Musical Duffer often explores the concept of people and places.  I have to say that the whiny, dirgy, dreary anthems turned out by KofL do not in any way match with the smart parts of Edinburgh’s Georgian New Town, or its historic Old Town.  And the gulf is made all the wider when everyone is cheerfully preparing for Christmas and Hogmanay.

So I have been musing about a more suitable place for KofL.  I doubt that Mr Tracks has ever heard their music, but if he did, I am sure that he would be straight in with quips about such places as deep holes filled with concrete being too good etc etc – we may well learn his thoughts after this post has been published.

In consideration of other suggestions, having done some research, I see that KofL are an Amercian band who have found particular success in Australia.  One is tempted to muse on how satisfying it would be for the band to banished to the remoter parts of these countries so as to avoid the infliction of further earache on us poor souls.  But what of the beautiful native wildlife in those habitats?  Who knows what effects our actions could have?  Climate change could turn out be a mere inconvenience compared to the unforseen consequences of our decisions.  No!

We must instead find a way to deal with this issue locally.  I shall nobly lead the way by erradicating unwanted noisewaves via the delete button on my computer.  Are you with me comrades?

6 thoughts on “Be afraid…

  1. Not having had the displeasure of listening to Kings of Leon, it would be premature to express a proper location for them. They appear however to be a contemporary popular musical combo of doubtful talent. I suggest Rockall.

  2. Rockall sounds like a good solution. I knew of KOL but hadn’t heard any of their music till now. I am staggered by the number of views for their songs uploaded on Youtube.

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