In my last post, I explored music as a menu.  I was delighted to see the response this generated from fellow bloggers.  My fellow music blogger, Musical Duffer, took things to a whole new genius level by contemplating the work he happened to be reviewing in biscuit form.

It’s important not to stretch metaphors too far.  But I would be obliged if you could indulge me just a little longer as we break bread around the dinner table.

When I listen to one album by today’s artist, Keane, the phrase ‘coming home’ all that is in my mind.  Keane is a British alternative rock band and Hopes and Fears was their debut album released in 2004.  I absolutely love this album and as soon as I hear the very first chord of the the very first track I feel grounded.  I feel like myself.  It is just my cup of tea.

So to come back to our dining metaphor, and thinking about how much I have been travelling away recently, I have been reflecting on what ‘coming home’ means to me.  I am extremely lucky that Mr Tracks does all the cooking in our household.  Many is the time that I stagger through our front door late at night, tired and laden with bags, to be greeted by a warm and welcoming home, a beautiful smile and hug from Mr Tracks, plus the gorgeous smell of something wonderful cooking for dinner.

I wondered what single dish might be my favourite, just like this one album is Keane’s best.  They have produced more since, all of which I have, but nothing for me beats their first one.  Mr Tracks is very versatile and likes to turn his hand to pretty much all types of cuisine.  But there is nothing quite like tucking into Mr Tracks’ signature traditional cottage pie, as the ultimate comfort food.

I wonder if Keane might disapprove of my pairing cottage pie with their enormously successful album at first blush.  But on the other hand, becoming a national institution?  That can’t be so bad, can it?


8 thoughts on “Still hungry?

  1. I am listening to Keane for the very first time. Where have I been all these years? If by the first track you mean Somewhere Only We Know then I can understand how you make the coming home connection. Love the “I felt the earth beneath my feet, sat by the river it made me complete” . In Maori there is a word (and a concept) turangawaewae. I am not qualified to explain the meaning but it is very simply your standing place, where you belong and where you are empowered and I suppose loved. When I came home to NZ in 1999 I think I found my standing place. As for the food connection. Never thought of music in terms of food before. And now for ever after when I hear Keane I am going to think cottage pie. I adore shepherd’s pie which we make with leftover roast lamb. For our family, a cottage pie would be the same but made with leftover roast beef.

    1. I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed listening to Keane as much as I have and, yes, Somewhere Only We Know is the first track I meant. We also change cottage pie into shepherd’s pie when we use lamb – yum! Thank you so very much for telling me about ‘turangawaewae’ – it is this which I will now think about when I come home. And how wonderful to be able to make these links across the globe so that we can share common bonds and learn about such fascinating new things – I am so happy that we have linked up in this way.

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