Gourmet dining

It’s not unknown for me to liken music to food.  Or pair musical listening experiences with the type of food and drink which should be consumed at the same time (have a look here for example).

Today’s menu?  Michelin starred smoothness and subtlety:

For the starter:  gorgeous, lilting songs exploring love and life accompanied by light bluesy melodies.

For the main course:  laid back easy-listening numbers – witty and playful, with a gentle latin beat, perfect for any palette

And for dessert:  delicious, heart-breaking ballads that ooze with caramel and cream

The provider of the ingredients for such a feast?  The singer-songwriter Katie Melua and her two albums Call Off The Search and Piece By Piece.

As with much of my music, I had stopped listening to KM’s albums because they had been so well played everywhere – particular tracks such as The Closest Thing To Crazy and Nine Million Bicycles seemed to be on all the time and I got a bit tired of them.  But this was my loss.  Listening to both albums again this week, I have been reminded just how talented KM is, and how easy it makes having a michelin starred experience in the comfort of one’s own ears.


6 thoughts on “Gourmet dining

  1. I have thought of music as a background to dinner, but I have never thought of it as the actual meal. You really are creative, my friend…and there is no calories. I am going to stuff myself tonight on music…

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