It’s time for me to embrace the work of the great Johnny Cash.

I say ‘great’, because I suspect he probably is.  But I don’t really know yet.  I am about to find out.  I have 144 tracks to help me, courtesy of Mr Tracks, who is a big fan.

Even so, these songs will no doubt only scratch the surface of Cash’s output, given that, according to Wikepedia, he was musically active between 1955-2003.  And they happen to cover only a couple of rather specific time periods:

  • the late 1960s, which includes the recording of a live concert at Folsome Prison; and
  • the late 1990s-early 2000s, when he started to record a series of solo albums in the lead up to his death in 2003.

The advice from Mr Tracks is to cut my teeth on the early stuff and then graduate on to the later work.  So that is what I shall do and I will of course report as soon as possible.

In the meantime, feel free to provide any further advice/thoughts/comments etc. And we can all ‘let that lonesome whistle blow [our] blues away’*.

*Folsome Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

7 thoughts on ““I hear the train a’comin…”*

    1. You are so right – must not forget June and the major influence of her & her family on JC’s life. Thank you for that & I will bear this in mind when working my way through the tracks. As for growing up with JC? I know what you mean, but wouldn’t it have been fascinating to be his next door neighbour or something…!

      1. Can you imagine being able to listen in…you and I would be climbing over the fence and joining in. And I have a feeling that we would be welcome to the “unbroken circle.”

  1. I was introduced to Cash through the ‘recent’ bio-pic so still have a lot to learn, but happened to watch a wonderful half hour documentary on his song “Hurt” two weeks ago. It’s such a haunting song. But I really want to learn more about him other than this song (I only really know the “Boy named Sue” song!).

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