I had a brief discussion with Clanmother recently about a quote that interests me:

Jim Rohn, the American speaker and author said: “Everyone must choose one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

A bit heavy, I know. But think about it. We exercise choices about discipline every day, all the time. Mostly we are not even aware that we are doing it. We just get on with our lives, knowing that we have to go to work, we have to abide by societal rules, we have to operate in certain ways to keep our bodies functioning.

It is the conscious decisions which become more problematic. Or not, depending on how you look at things. Fascinating.

So, I've been listing to the next two albums in my iTunes list which might not have made it into this blog had it not been for Mr Rohn.

When I saw Finally Woken by Jem and J.Lo. by Jennifer Lopez staring back at me, my first instinct was to think 'OMG. Hey, no-one will know if I skip them and move on to something more interesting'. Well it's partially true, isn't it – none of you guys would know. But I Would Know. [Cue dramatic 'dah, dah, dahhhhhhhhhh' chords]

It would be like cheating at solitaire. I would always know that I not done things properly. I would always have the pain of regret, rather than endure in the short term the pain of discipline, by undertaking that smallest of tasks, ie listening to these two albums.

So was my diligence rewarded?

Well, 'up to a point, Lord Copper', as Evelyn Waugh's foreign editor was famous for saying in Scoop.

Jem's music turned out to be unexpectedly listenable to. Rather wordly, actually, with reggae, bollywood and other multi-cultural influences thrown in. Not bad for a young Welsh singer-songwriter.

And J-Lo? This was mostly a bit too R'n'B/funk for me. But there were a few gems in there. Ain't It Funny, Carino, Dame, and Si Ya Se Acabo are all fabulous Latin tracks.

Overall, I am glad to have stuck to my musical guns and forced myself to listen to these two albums. Let's face it, I haven't exactly unearthed any holy grails. But I have turned up some good tracks that would have gone unnoticed from otherwise dismissed work. So I feel I can hold my bloggy head high, with the integrity of Project LT intact and sail happily along to the next post. Hoorah!


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