There are certain things in life that I am pretty much guaranteed to like:

  • hot & cold food together – warm brownies with ice cream anyone?
  • yarn & book shops
  • clear blue winter skies…..

You get the idea.

And I know that there are certain aspects of music that I am bound to like too:

  • juicy chord making
  • oomfy bass lines
  • clever and well-timed key changes
  • blended and quality vocals

When all these features combine, I’m a very happy bunny.  And it’s why I like James Blunt’s music so much.

I have a feeling that this is not a very cool thing to admit (even though he has sold shed loads of albums).  JB’s music is pretty middle of the road as pop/rock artists go.  Compared with many of the artists I have already written about on this blog, these albums are not ones to set the heart racing, to stop one in one’s tracks, or to start asking new questions.  And not every track floats my boat.

But most of them do.  From the two albums I have – Back to Bedlam and Some Kind Trouble – I have earmarked at least half of the tracks as standing out for potential mention in this post.  And purely from the point of view of a really good quality listen, these albums are up there for me with everyone else about whom I have raved in previous posts.

So I started to listen really hard to the music to see why it was that it appealled to me so much.  And I think it is just that it happens to fit that perfect combination of factors which is my particular taste.  A bit like how my favourite classical music key is E Minor.

So if you have been put off by the endless commercial plays of You’re Beautiful (even though this is actually a good track), I recommend you have a listen to Wiseman, No Bravery, Fall At Your Feet (a fanstastic acoustic cover of the Crowded House original), Best Laid Plans, No Tears, Superstar, These Are The Words, and Heart of Gold.  I’ll be interested to know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Guaranteed delivery

  1. Am just putting together a “Hurricane playlist” so will add these songs to the list! I only know “You’re Beautiful” (which I liked a lot but heard too often so it’s hard for me to hear it now- I hate when that happens to good songs) so I look forward to discovering more of this artist.

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