Mr Tracks and I are big cricket fans (the game, not the insect).  Being British, why wouldn’t we be?

Not surprisingly, it is something of an event when a batsman manages to score a hundred runs in an innings.  Sometimes, top class batsmen secure ‘a hundred hundreds’ – amazing.  Of course, cricket is not the only sport, or indeed aspect of life, where reaching a hundred of something has come to take on significance.

For me, this post is my hundredth on this blog (or indeed any blog, given that this is my first blogging experience).

I have been planning how to use this opportunity for a little while, knowing that it was on the horizon.

In the course of the last few weeks, a person who has become a brilliant friend over the blogging airwaves has nominated me for two awards.  Clanmother has singled me out for such honours before.  And she has continued to be one of my most lively and insightful supporters.  So I would like to take this opportunity to thank her with all my heart for her generosity of spirit, her humour, her wisdom and her seemingly boundless energy.

You can see her posts with my nominations here and here.

From these posts you can see that there is a certain etiquette attached to accepting these awards.  However, having written recently about the importance of individualism, and with Clanmother being, as someone recently described her ‘a renaissance woman’, I don’t think she will mind if I do things a bit differently this time.

If you scroll to the foot of my home page, you will see thumnail pictures of all the many blogs which I am currently following.  One of the joys of this blogging experience, as I have often said, is the contact I have made with other bloggers. I look forward to adding to this ‘follow collection’ over time.  In the meantime, I urge you to have a click on the links there – you’ll find many riches.

Many of these bloggers also follow me and I would like to thank them for their support, their ‘likes’ and their own blogging efforts, of which I am always in awe.

I would also particulaly like to mention three other blogging friends:

  • Letizia who writes Reading Interrupted has introduced me to all sorts of new cultural experiences and always has an interesting and fun intervention to make on my posts
  • Kurt’s blog about music and his life in general is a wonderful read.  We often exchange views about classical works, and life in general.  I am waiting for him to publish his very own Great American Novel – it can only be a matter of time
  • Musical Duffer has recently started on his own journey through his iTunes list.  I always want to read each post twice – once for the wit and the second time for the wisdom.  Fabulous.

And then of course there is Tracks.  My greatest fan, we are often apart when my posts are published, but I know he has read them because he faithfully tweets each one.  He has also given me every support and plenty of feedback to help me with the blog.  I love you, my darling.

Sachin Tendulkar, an Indian cricketer widely considered to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time, after Don Bradman, said the following when he passed Brian Lara as the leading run scorer in test cricket:

“Success is a process. During that journey sometimes there are stones thrown
at you, and you convert them into milestones.”

I have had no stones, and only helping hands and words thrust willingly my way. Many thanks to everyone I have spoken about above, and to those of you out there not specifically mentioned, but who I know regularly read my posts.  I am enjoying myself with immensely with Project LT.  Given that there remains a long way to go, it helps to know that you guys like what I am doing too.

7 thoughts on “One Hundred Not Out

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post!!! I’m celebrating on my side of the world. I love that you do things differently!! You add spice, music, laughter and joy to the conversation. I’m so very glad that we have connected!!!

  2. Well played! All great batsmen having made a hundred go on to get another, and then another. You are very great indeed in my eyes so play up my dear!

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