Ok, my dear friends. Get ready for me to gush. To enthuse. To positively fall over myself in my excitement. If you are inclined against too much bloggy emotion, if you are of a 'stiff upper lip' persuasion, you seriously need to Look Away Now.

Because I offer you today, my lovely readers, the gorgeous Gotan Project.

Just let me catch my breath a moment….

I've talked about sexy, laid-back music before. Yes fine. But Gotan Project takes us to a different league. A wholly new level of sultry. This is tango music with attitude. It wants to whisk you on the dance floor and sweep you off your feet. It wants you to faint with longing and desire. You'll have ruby red lips and a high-slit black skirt

(And that's just the men!) 🙂

The music prowls. It paces. It sizes you up, determined to you give you what it knows you wants. And the best bit? You can press replay and do it all over again and again. There's no question here of being left high and dry.

But wait? Is this part of the trick? Hypnotised into never letting go? Can I stop myself from listening? Can I ever take off the red shoes and stop dancing? Oh, it's just so difficult – the music is so cool, so delicious, just exactly what I want to hear. One more play of Epoca can't hurt, surely……

11 thoughts on “Exquisite torture

    1. Do let me know what you think. And you must help me get my head around Spotify sometime – I haven’t yet managed to get into that territory but I gather it’s good…?

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