I am somehow the owner of three albums by Goldfrapp – Black Cherry, Felt Mountain and Supernature. I can't recall how these came to be in my possession. But I know very well what my particular link to Goldfrapp is – the track Lovely Head.

This is one of those tracks which I could listen to on a loop over and over for the rest of my life. Right from the haunting, whistled introduction, with its ethereal, wispy strings in the background, I'm hooked. And then the beat kicks in – a perfect, simple, laid back one-liner, over that continued beautiful orchestral background. The whistling morphs to a strange whining briefly – electic guitar I think, but it's just so hypnotic. Add to this Alison Goldfrapp's breathy vocals and it might just be the most divine track ever. Or at least today đŸ™‚

As for the rest of the stuff on these albums? I top-rated about 50% – mostly from Supernature as it happens. Goldfrapp's signature electronic/synthesised sound is ever present although they are very creative with different beats/finishes etc. There's a great pop groove going on with many of the tracks – Ooh La La, Ride a White a Horse, and Fly Me Away are fabulous examples. Almost a touch of Kylie in there, I thought – and that's never a bad thing in my book!

So I probably don't need the whole of the three albums, but there was nothing on any of them which I felt I must dispense with immediately, so I'll live with it all for now and we can see how it goes. Now where's that Lovely Head again….


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