Something very interesting is happening as a result of Project LeapingTracks.

I’m starting really to think about the music I am listening to in a way which I never have before.

I’ve been spending time today with The Fray and their album How To Save A Life (2007). A very successful album for a very popular American group. And the music is ok, but I had to listen to the album twice.  This is because I had got through it the first time round without noticing it properly, and I had to go back and do it again.  It was only then that I realised I was a bit bored with it.  Even on the second listen, when I was trying hard to concentrate – I would have this post to write after all – my mind kept wandering off.  I decided that they were very similar, but not as good as David Gray and Keane.  So I thought back to my David Gray post and how much I had enjoyed his music.  I mentally fast-forwarded to when we get to ‘K’ – that’ll be good because I really like Keane and haven’t listened to them for ages.  And half of my brain was thinking “The Fray? Meh!”

In contrast, I could also not help but muse about the next track in my iPhone list. A solitary number about which I have been itching to write ever since we reached F. So when I reached the end of my second go through with The Fray, I wantonly and recklessly carried on.

Oh, how glad I am that I did. We’re instantly into a whole different ballpark of interestingness. No chance of being home to Mr Boredom here – quite the opposite. I urge you to give Fujiya & Miyagi’s Collarbone a listen. Here’s a YouTube link – go for it.  Totally fabulous. So laid back, it’s horizontal, but with a dry-martini beat to die for. I first heard it when it was used for a cool new Jaguar car advert, which tells you everything you need to know – as soon as the advert had finished, I just had to google the soundtrack and downloaded it straight away. In fact, I must add the rest of the album (Transparent Things) to my wish list.

With all the music in all the world to be listened to, there’s no time to be wasted on anything which does not come up to scratch.  One super-cool track instead of thirteen oks?  I’ll take mine with a twist of lime, thanks.


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