I have amused myself today. I have realised that I keep being surprised at how good the music is (well the vast majority of it anyway) that I am discoving as I work my way through my iPhone list.

What did I expect? That all these years I have been mysteriously accumulating a right load of rubbish?

I couldn't help but smile when I started listening to my two albums by The Feeling today and thought 'blimey – this lot is really cracking'. Obviously the music elves have magically placed excellent listening fare on my iPhone in the dark of the night. I couldn't possibly have had anything to do with it myself….

Anyway, let's concentrate on matters in hand. And specifically on Twelve Stops and Home (2006) and Join With Us (2008).

Well, I've been blown away by the fabulousness of these two albums – this really is proper pop music, isn't it.

A great overall sound, which breaks down into fantastic individuals lines – often juicy piano and bass lines; interesting lead vocals; closely and smoothly harmonised backing vocals, varied light and shade within tracks, moving from the minimal to the anthemic. Wow – there's so much listening available here. And quite a nostalgic feel too. Hints at various of Madness, The Undertones, Keane, Queen, The Motors, Fleetwood Mac, 10CC, Supertramp, ELO – all in a good way.

Favourite tracks include Same Old Stuff, Helicoptor, I Thought It Was Over (toe tapping to die for!) and Join With Us although the truth is that there is not one single song which I don't like.

And as for Blue Piccadilly, well, it's a creative deliciousness of ear candy. Why have I not been listening to this on a constant loop all my life? Project LT has been totally worth it just to discover this little beauty. Talk about Top Rated Track – this is Mount Everest. 🙂

So whatever it was that prompted me to buy these two albums in the first place, I'm glad I went with it. Or maybe my local elves have simply got exceptionally good taste….

2 thoughts on “Never ignore a gut feeling

  1. OMG! “I Thought It Was Over” is THE best track of 2008!!! Every time this song is played in our house an overwhelming urge to leap about with anything that resembles a microphone in hand comes over me. Of course, I need a good lie down afterwards mind you but it’s all worth it.
    The Feeling have a cheesyness with a hint of style which lets you get away with loving their work.
    Genius music – and did you know the Bassist is married to Sophie “Murder on the dance floor” Ellis – Bextor, daughter, no less, of Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis….. I know – I’m a font of all knowledge when it comes to not-so-important information!!!

    1. I can only imagine what it must be like in your house – one long rocking session – what with this, plus getting on down to ELO – fabulous! As as for the Ellis family Jigsaw (see what I did there…?!), my knowledge needs for the day are replete. Many thanks 🙂

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